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seo for plastic surgeons

Accelprofit Systems is a leading SEO and Medical Web design company in San Diego.  If you are a Plastic Surgeon and you want to grow your business you must have a SEO Team in order to have an online presence.  Once your business is at the top of Google and the other engines your phones will ring consistently.

The keywords associated with your business are extremely competitive and require a professional Plastic Surgery SEO team to drive your practice to the top of search engines.  SEO does take time and you need to keep in mind many of your competitors have been building their online presence for years.

It is our experience if you have a brand new URL, it will take between 4-6 months for our company to get you to the top of engines.  During this period it makes sense to do pay per click until your organic results warrant termination of PPC.

You can visit our SEO case studies page to view our clients stories of success online at SEO Medical Case Studies.

Prior to launching your campaign Accelprofit will reverse engineer competitors in your market.  For example lets say you are a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills like our client Dr William Bruno.  We launched Dr Bruno’s SEO campaign in Dec 2011.  He was ranking page 3-4 at the time and was frustrated with his results.

The image below will give you some perspective at the task at hand, the number one guy in Beverly Hills is Dr Teitelbaum and here is a snapshot of his website architecture and why he ranks #1.

This site has over 44,000 links, lots of EDU links and much more going for it.  Dr Bruno only had a few hundred links when we began his campaign, now he has over 6,000 and growing.

He is currently page one mid pack for keywords like “plastic surgeon beverly hills” and in the next few months we expect it to go higher.

The key to SEO is understanding what your competition has done and doing, so you can catch up to him.

seo for plastic surgeons

If you would like for us to analyze your competition give us a call and we would be happy to provide you with this free information.


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